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RPI – Régie Publicité Industrielle to  Jérôme Aubry

  • 9, Bd Mendès France - 77600 Bussy St Georges
  • Tél. : +33 (0)1 60 94 22 21
  • Fax : +33 (0)1 64 77 51 82
  • Email :


Booth standard package :

Carpeting.table, 3 chairs, waste paper basket, signe with company name, soptlights, electricity.

Every booth give you 2 lunchs per day, 1 park place and one conference access.



A Professional environnement encouraging your contacts. 
While your exhibition, either on your stand during a technical visit or lunch, you will meet the leaders of majors companies, geotechnical specialists, drilling and foundations


An easy way to exhibit
6, 9 square meters booth or more,  turnkey solution. You only need your documentation and small equipment.

2 days to meet over 2000 delegates and visitors

Time and significant money saving for many suppliers.


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Booth 6 sq.m
2300€ HT
Booth 9 sq.m
3280€ HT
Toutes les combinaisons de surfaces sont possibles
2 open side
330 € HT
Extra for outdoor equipment
500 € HT
Compulsory insurance
110€ HT


Exhibitor's interview


GTS seduced by the concept of SOLSCOPE


"Our participation in SOLSCOPE was rather progressive. In 2009, we came to Poitier where stood the living room at the time, as visitors which allowed us to get a good idea of the show. Naturally, we participated in the 2011 edition as exhibitors. We have established a very positive assessment of the two days in Beaune, in technical terms, equipment, commercial, organizational ...

As a company of geotechnical work and security, we want to be present at the next edition. This meeting is essential, we consider it a real meeting place for geotechnical engineers. For us it is an opportunity to show our expertise and innovations in the field of soil improvement. "
Gilles Goutte
Head of the Department of Soil improvement GTS


URETEK company appointments since 2003.


If SOLSCOPE celebrates 20 years, URETEK then celebrates 10 years of partnership with professional geotechnical.
Successive editions of Poitiers and Beaune were every time a place of exchange between geotechnical engineers, project owners, researchers, experts, insurers, ....


Put geotechnical honor and build strong and lasting links with the profession are the main motivations of URETEK in participating in this biennial event.
quality conference, many visitors, space dynamic and friendly exhibitors, organizing team listening, are all ingredients that contribute to the success of this event.
Didier Claverie.




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